September is Intergenerational Awareness Month

Intergeneration Awareness Month is a global movement celebrating the many benefits of relationships between people of varying age groups. Held each September, Intergenerational Awareness Month prompts people from different generations to befriend and learn from each other. Thorough the month, we will raise awareness about the societal changes that have created the need for consciously uniting the generations. Reach across ages. You never know what might happen.


Ways to Reach across Generations:

  1. Compromise on communication methods – Generationally, some may value

Person-to-person or virtual in-person communication while others may prefer text or instant messaging. In order for successful communication to happen compromises may need to be made on how to come together.

  1. Sense of humor – talk about generational differences with a sense of humor.
  2. Socialize – Having conversations in social settings can be less intimidating. To decrease apprehension, meet in a volunteer setting or over a shared activity.
  3. Share your gifts, talents, energy – If you are an older adult you hold experience, wisdom, and skills that a younger people may benefit from. If you are a younger person you may have mobility, energy, and an understanding of technology that may benefit older adults. Explore ways to connect through your strengths and experience. Be open to learning from and helping one another.
  4. Drop your assumptions – Share your story and listen as someone from another generation shares their story. Go into conversations without assumptions. You will be surprised what you learn about yourself, history, art, books, food, sports, etc. You may also learn more about the challenges that separate one generation from others.
  5. Find a shared subject of interest or hobby – Beneficial yet unlikely relationships are often based on shared interests.
  6. Bust stereotypes – Intergenerational conversations can help shatter assumptions and bring people of different ages together.